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Winners and Losers after the NBA trade deadline


Houston Rockets

They are on pace to hit over 1,100 3 pointers, and that was prior to acquiring the 6th man front-runner Lou Williams. In a trade with the Lakers, Sweet Lou is having a great year with minimal minute consumption at only 24.2 and is currently shooting 39% from 3PT, 88% FT and 18.6 PPG all career bests. The Rockets to me just became the 3rd best team in the League with an arsenal of shooters with MVP candidate, Harden.

New Orleans Pelicans

The surprise blockbuster of the NBA was acquiring DeMarcus Cousins and Omri Casspi for practically nothing from the Kings. Now the Pelicans have the best front court in the NBA with the Brow 27.7 PPG / 12 RPG / 2.2 AST / 2.5 BLK + Boogie 27.8 PPG / 10.6 RPG / 4.8 AST / 1.3 BLK = Deadly AF! They are one good PG away from really being something incredible. Word has it that Boogie has stated he won't sign an extension with any team he is traded to, but by the looks of it he looks happy in Nawlens.

Oklahoma City Thunder

The Walking Triple Double just got help! OKC traded for Taj Gibson (11.6 PPG / 7 REB) and Doug McDermott (10.2 PPG) greatly increasing their win probability and adding more bullets to the Westbrook gun. Maybe the addition will attract Durant back, if not they sure look good for upcoming Free Agents.

Toronto Raptors

Just got better on defense and faster on transition by picking up Ibaka from Orlando for Terrence Ross. Ibaka is going to be a better offensive player (15.1 PPG) than Ross with a huge presense in the paint with his 1.6 Blocks. Granted they are not the top contender in the east, but they sure got better and fun to watch.


Sacramento Kings

They gave up the best center in the league for an under performing 6th Pick (Buddy Hields), re-acquired an injury prone Tyreke Evans, Langston Galloway and a top 3 protected pick. The worst part of this trade is the lying and secretive handling by the Kings Front, reasuring Boogie's agent they were "not trading him and intending on signing long term" On Feb. 6th Vlade went on ESPN and stated "We're not trading DeMarcus. We hope he's here for a long time".

Hatred for and relief of ridding Boogie from the organization from the play by play announcer Grant Napear "There has been a dark cloud over this franchise for years! That cloud is now gone" "The Kings just became a team again!" and so on.

Los Angeles Lakers

All I have to say, Best scorer off the bench IN THE LEAGUE, 4th quarter closer, 24 minutes per game, vet-leader having career highs, so best the Lakers can get, on Magic's first day and trade mind you, is Brewer and a 1st round pick (which will end up being a late draft pick)..... Paul George, Boogie and Jimmy Butler were all out there. Could've packaged him up with a Pick, Nick and a lower tier young player or packaged him with Deng and rid that ugly ass contract.

Boston Celtics

They are the 2nd best team in the East thanks to their young brilliant coach, young nucleus and surprise star Isaiah Thomas. I know they are 1 key player from really over taking the Cavs. With 4 potential draft picks in 2017 something could've been made to get better with proven talent as oppose to drafting and developing, maybe they can shock the world come playoffs.

Denver Nuggets

Any team with Roy Hibbert as their trade target and destination just did bad. The once promising Center was traded to the 3rd team (Hornets-Bucks-Nuggets) this year for a future 2nd round pick. He won't be available to play for at least a week and has been having the worst scoring performance, rebounding and blocking. Fortunate for Denver they have youth...?

Honorable Mention:

As of right now, The Mavs acquiring Nerlens Noel was great because he has been under performing, and will have the opportunity now to show what he can do. Him and Harrison Barnes is going to look good in the long run. So I'll go Winner.

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5 Teams with the BEST #YouthMovement

     The present belongs to the Warriors, Spurs and whichever team LeBron is in, but in the next 3-5 years some of these teams that are wiffing in F.A. and are building through the draft can be the next contender, possibly even the next Championship Dynasty team. Keep in mind, not everyone comes in to a Magic Johnson situation where they are a championship contender with super stars. Some of these guys are re-building from a disaster of an organization because even the top drafts need time to develop and learn how to win in the pro level. Best example; Durant, drafted 2007, didnt have a winning record until 2009 and he had Westbrook, Harden, Ibaka and a great bench, first finals was in 2012. This list has 5 teams who have drafted high these past few years, traded for top picks and/or have more than 2 players with a high potential in becoming super stars at 26 or younger. Honorable mentions for individuals that need to be built around Devin Booker and Kristaps Porzingis.

Utah Jazz 34-22 5th

Looks like missing the playoffs last year by half a game and having Kobe drop 60 on the final game of the year pushed the Jazz to develop and make sure they don't miss again. They are and have been a playoff team all year long with signs of improvement. I do not believe they can win a championship

Dante Exum (21) Guard: 2014 1st Round (5th). 6 PTS / 1.8 REB / 1.7 AST

Derrick Favors (25) Forward: 2010 1st Round (3rd) by Nets. 9.4 PTS / 6.1 REB / 1.1 AST

Rodney Hood (24) Forward: 2014 1st Round (23rd). 13.7 PTS / 3.6 REB / 1.9 AST

Rudy Gobert (24) Center: 2013 1st Round (27th) by Nuggets. 12.9 PTS / 12.7 REB / 1 AST

Gordon Hayward (26) Guard: 2010 1st Round (9th). 22.2 PTS / 5.6 REB / 3.4 AST

Milwaukee Bucks 24-30 9th

Unfortunately Jabari can't catch a break and stay healthy. They are just outside the Playoff picture being lead by The Greek Freak, who is starting to turn heads and is getting highly regarded as one of the best up and coming Small Forward in the league and he isn't alone. I don't believe they are set for a championship

Thon Maker (19) Forward: 2016 1st Roubd (10th) 3.5 PTS / 1.6 REB / 0.1 AST

Malcolm Brogdon (24) Guard: 2016 2nd Round (6th) 9.4 PTS / 2.7 REB / 4.2 AST

Greg Monroe (26) Forward: 2010 1st Round (7th) by Pistons 11.3 PTS / 6.8 REB / 2.1 AST

Jabari Parker (21) Forward: 2014 1st Round (2nd) 20.1 PTS / 6.2 REB / 2.8 AST

Giannis Antetokounmpo (22) Forward: 2013 1st Round (15th) 23.2 PTS / 8.6 REB / 5.5 AST

Minnesota Timberwolves 21-34 13th

Besides the fact that their high flying star guard is out with a torn ACL and could potentially affect his athleticism in the future, they still have a top 5 Center and Small Forward both under 22 with more growing room and no signs of slowing down. I believe they can win a championship within 7 years if they all remain together.

Shabazz Muhammad (24) Guard: 2013 1st Round (14th) by Jazz 9.3 PTS / 2.9 REB / 0.4 AST

Zach LaVine (21) Guard: 2014 1st Round (13th) 18.9 PTS / 3.4 REB / 3 AST

Andrew Wiggins (21) Guard/Forward: 2014 1st Round (1st) by Cavs 22.6 PTS / 4.2 REB / 2.5 AST

Karl-Anthony Towns (21) Center: 2015 1st Round (1st) 23.7 PTS / 11.8 / 2.9 AST

Philadelphia 76ers 21-34 13th

The highly anticipated debut of Ben is approaching, possibly after the All Star break. This team has been a lottery team and joke for years after Iverson was gone. Those picks are going to start making their way up. A roster with Simmons running the point, Embiid as a versitile Center and Noel as defensive presence, only thing that awaits is if they keep Okafor or trade him and for what they receive in return. I believe they have the pieces to win a championship within 6 years if they all remain together.

Ben Simmons (20) Guard/Forward: 2016 1st Round (1st) Undefined

Robert Covington (26) Forward: 2013 Undrafted 11.6 PTS / 6.1 REB / 1.6 AST

Nerlens Noel (22) Forward/Center: 2013 1st Round (6th) Pelicans 8.6 PTS / 4.9 REB / 1 AST

*Jahlil Okafor (21) Center: 1st Round (3rd) 11.6 PTS / 4.8 REB / 1 AST

Joel Embiid (22) Forward/Center: 2014 1st Round (3rd) 20.2 PTS / 7.8 REB / 2.1 AST

Los Angeles Lakers 19-37 14th

The Kobe Bryant era is over and the future is in the hands of not 3 or 4 ,but 8 potential stars. Since Kobe tore his achilles the organization has taken multiple hits in the chin and has become a disastrous lottery team. Prior to 2014, the last Lakers 10 or under draft pick was in 2005 (Bynum 10th), since then they were always contending and winning. Now the rebuilding mode is on with no restrictions and I believe it will start paying out in at least 2 years. I believe they can win a championship in 5 years if they all remain together.

Thomas Robinson (25) Forward/Center: 2012 1st Round (5th) by Kings 3.9 PTS / 4.4 REB / 0.7 AST

Ivica Zubac (19) Center: 2016 2nd Round (2nd) 6 PTS / 3.9 REB/ 0.6 AST

Tarik Black (25) Forward: 2014 Undrafted 6.1 PTS / 5.6 / 0.7 AST

Larry Nance Jr. (24) Forward: 2015 1st Round (27th) 7 PTS / 5.6 REB / 1.4 AST

Brandon Ingram (19) Small Forward: 2016 1st Round (2nd) 8.1 PTS / 4.1 REB / 1.9 AST

Julius Randle (22) Forward: 2014 1st Round (7th) 13 PTS / 8 REB / 3.6 AST

Jordan Clarkson (24) Guard: 2014 2nd Round (16th) 13.7 PTS / 2.8 REB / 2.1 AST

D'Angelo Russell (20) Guard: 2015 1st Round (2nd) 14.2 PTS / 3.8 REB / 4.8 AST

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Do you believe in Magic?

Magic Johnson is the new addition to the Lakers organization front office as an Advisor.

He will have a touch in all Basketball and Business operations for the Lakers and according to Serena Winters " He will be report directly to Jeanie Buss."

Can this be the begining of the end for Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchack as heads of all basketball operations for the Lakers?

Per interview on Spectrum SportsNet and Twitter: Although this was a direct add on from Jeanie, Magic extended his services to the other Buss members and co-owners Joey and Jesse Buss who were present at the Lakers practice facility and lunch. According to Magic Johnson on a conversation he had with Mitch and Jim, he simply is "here to give basketball advice" and Jim is the one "calling the shots".

     Magic has great vision both on court and off. He knew previous coach hires were the wrong choice, he knew the team's weren't meshing and he voiced it diectly and publicly to the Buss'. In regards to being critical "some of the coaches brought in didnt fit the talent". "D'Antoni didnt have a run up and down, spot up 3 team. If he could have smalls and no center he would take it. He had Gasol sitting out there doing nothing." "Mike Brown was good, but it was a slow down game, excellent on defense. Could've gone a different direction." "Walton is the perfect choice. The young talent we have with the system he brings, if they can tighten up on the defense, man this theam can do some real special things

      In addition, Magic will be present on pitch meetings to F.A. especially to elite "I think we started that today, 'Ervin come aboard' guys know im about winning, agents are now thinking 'OK Magic knows about winning and knows how to put players in a winning situation.' and the other step is we got young talent, 'I can see myself in that lineup and when i see myself in the that lineup we can go to another level'." Its true, Magic has the golden touch. A 5 time NBA Champion, Top 5 All Time Player, whom in his Rookie year played all positions in the finals including Center as Kareem was out with an ankle sprain. Tagged with a successful empire in many business ventures, I mean come on, really how can you go wrong?

     In regards to time management, since he also has an ownership role with the Dodgers and Sparks, "I have capable people that can run my day to day business, which will give me the opportunity to invest necessary time in this new role". Great that both organizations are running real smooth with the Sparks coming off a championship and the Dodgers established as a championship caliber team they do not require Magic's precense as much. After "turning down every other organization" he sees potential with the Lakers "Thats's why i joined. If I felt we were far away and it was going to be a waste of my time, I wouldn't be here and wouldn't have taken this role. I know that we have the pieces in place and we will continue to get better."

His quote "We're a superstar away from competing against both of those teams [Warriors and Spurs]". I'm sorry Magic, but honestly IF we keep this team together the Lakers can be a contendor within 2 years at best. These kids are under 25 with 1 or 2 years experince in the pro level and really the 2015/16 season was all about Kobe retiring and getting the ball. They need the time to develop and grow, because at times they do show signs of maturity and abilty, but again it takes time to build that relationship and experience.

"We need someone to step up in the 4th"

His thoughts on the current team "Little by little build the Lakers back up where they should be. We have a great group of young players.I think that we're missing a leader though. We need to have D'Angelo step up to that leadership role" "If he can step up and lead the guys now, because we've lost games in the 4th quarter when somebody should've stepped up."

Brandon Ingram "Nobody else puts the ball in the hand of a rookie like him and because of that we are seeing more confidence. We know he can defend, he's long. He's a gym rat, wants to get better."

"If Julius develops his right hand he can be an All Star. Get on his right side and if he knew how to drop step, mmm it can be money"

Zubac and more minutes "We are seeing him develop right before our eyes"

He likes that Luke is keeping the team that is performing out on the floor. "One thing about this organization is we always come back. And we will come back, I'm here to say that we're ready to take that step"

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